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Over 17 million RVs in North America sit unused
350 days a year.

RVoyager was founded by Dais Abraham, Nancy Abraham, and Dennis Thomas. The website was launched in April 2019 and works similar to RV rental sites like RVShare and Outdoorsy. RVoyager was however created to enable RV owners to maximize their rental income and renters to find the best deals and experience for their money. Being RV owners with more than three years of experience in renting out RVs, the founders understand the needs and expectations from both the owner’s and the renter’s perspective.

Every RV owner who lists with RVoyager will have a personal URL that they can share on social network sites or on their business cards. A personal page (that shows only their listings) enables RV owners to market themselves and to connect with current and potentially future renters. Additionally, RVoyager aims to keep insurance costs and fees at a minimum so that it becomes affordable and profitable for both owners and renters. We are committed to both operational excellence and efficiency, and to offering the best experience for our users.